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Thank you for your interest in renting Gallier Hall. This historic venue provides many different options for your event needs. Please contact Gallier Hall for more information on event layouts and building accommodations.

Gallier Hall

545 St. Charles Ave. 
New Orleans, La. 70113

Gallier Hall is located within the Central Business District of New Orleans.

For more information on booking this facility, please contact:

Carl Davis
Gallier Hall Manager 
Office (504) 658-3627 
Fax (504) 565-7458

Gallier Hall is managed by the City of New Orleans Department of Property Management.

Seating Configurations & Maximum Room Capacities

*Room capacities are based upon space for seating ONLY; other furnishings will reduce space for seating/guests.

| 1st Floor Room Capacities
Room Capacity
NORD Theatre 100
NORD Theatre Lounge 40
|| 2nd Floor Room Capacities
Room Capacity
Ballroom 2A 250
Ballroom 2B 50
Ballroom 2C 50
Ballroom 2D 150
2nd Floor Total 500
||| 3rd Floor Room Capacities
Room Capacity
Ballroom 3A 175
Ballroom 3B 75
Ballroom 3C 100
Ballroom 3D 100
Ballroom 3E 100
Ballrooms 3F, G & H 40
3rd Floor Total 600

Maximum capacities for auditorium/theatre-style layouts and seated dinners on the 2nd and 3rd floors are dependent upon the comprehensive event plan.  Individual room capacities and floor capacities MAY NOT be exceeded.  Some layouts cannot be accommodated based on maximum capacities for the entire floor. Maximum room/configuration capacities also depend upon the layout of a particular room, such as buffet and/or beverage station placement and seating arrangement; placement of additional furnishings will reduce the number of guests a particular room can accommodate with seating.

Wedding ceremonies may be held at Gallier Hall either as a stand-alone event or in conjunction with a reception. The maximum number of guests that can be accommodated for a ceremony is 200. Rehearsals are not included in our event pricing; it must be booked as a separate event.

Wedding receptions and proms can be held on the 2nd floor only with a maximum of 500 guests.


Complete venue guidelines are outlined in the Gallier Hall Conditions for Use and in the Rental Concession (contract) packet.  Please fully review the Conditions for Use prior to booking.

All clients and guests are asked to comply with these specific guidelines in order to preserve the historic qualities of Gallier Hall.  Please share these guidelines and the full Conditions for Use with all vendors and/or event planners.  Gallier Hall does not provide an on-site event planner to coordinate event-day setup.


All clients are required to obtain event insurance as a condition of renting Gallier Hall.  All policies must have a minimum of $1 Million in liability and must cover the 10-hour duration of the event with Gallier Hall and the City of New Orleans named as additional insured. Specific requirements are outlined in the Gallier Hall Conditions for Use. Please contact your insurance agent for more information.

Catering and Food Service

All catering and food service providers, to include bar/beverage service, are required to be licensed and insured.  Caterers are allowed access to the prep kitchen inside of Gallier Hall, but it is not a cooking facility.  All on-site cooking must be done outside and may require separate permits through the Department of Public Works for sidewalk closure.

Open flame prep and finishing is strictly prohibited inside of Gallier Hall.  For food service, only Sterno flames are allowed. Induction burners are allowed.

Service staff is required to bus all guest tables and remove trash from the building as needed.  Gallier Hall does not have a dumpster on-site; the client and/or caterer are responsible for removal of all trash after the event. It may not be left on the city sidewalk for later collection.

Decorations and Furnishings

Floral arrangements and other traditional event d├ęcor are welcome at Gallier Hall.  Large or unusual displays, such as ice sculptures or fountains, must be approved by the manager.

Rose petals (real or faux), rice, glitter, bubbles, and/or confetti are not permitted inside the building and additionally may not be used on the porch or stairs outside.  “Red Carpets” or other carpet runners are not permitted inside the building.

Gallier Hall will not provide any supplies such as linens, ice chests, utensils, etc. for an event.

Smoking and Fireworks

Smoking is strictly prohibited at Gallier Hall, to include porch area.  Smoking is only allowed on the city sidewalk, away from the building.  Fireworks, sparklers, and other similar items are also strictly prohibited in or near the building.  They may only be used on the city sidewalk beyond the gates to the building and may require a separate permit and/or fire watch.

Gift Tables and Coat Check

The City of New Orleans and Gallier Hall staff will not be responsible for gifts brought to Gallier Hall.  Clients must make arrangements to receive and store gifts during the event, and for transporting them from the building immediately after the event.

Gallier Hall does not provide materials or personnel for coat checks.  This should be arranged in advance with a vendor. Gallier Hall is not responsible for, and will not store, any items, gifts, or supplies accidentally left behind.